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Marijuana Seed Germination: Towel Method + Twist = High Success Rate

Germinating Marijuana seeds requires a meticulous attention to detail. Approach the germination process correctly and you will see wonderful results. Believe it or not, the measures you take throughout the very first day or two while germinating your little seeds, contributes to a significant part for the end result quality of your crops. Great care is taken by professional growers throughout the germination method to remove any variables which can negatively affect their seeds. Within this post, I invite you to learn step by step how to germinate your Cannabis seeds.

Check the Quality of your Marijuana Seeds

Before we even begin with step 1, don’t forget to examine your Marijuana seeds as this is very important since you need to germinate those seeds which are not broke or formed strangely. Press each seed between your thumb and index finger to ensure there aren’t any cracks or fissures in their structure. Also, remove any seed which appears green or it is too small suggesting that the particular seed is not mature. The finest marijuana seeds will be quite big with a consistent vibrant color while the top might even appear fleshy and polished.

marijuana seeds germination

How to Maximize the Seed Germination Success Rate

This is the bonus twist which the article refers to in its title for massively increasing your chances of successfully germinating your seeds.

One of the best methods to increase your chances at a succesful germination, is to add a capful of Hydrogen Peroxide to 20oz / 600ml of water, and soak your Marijuana seeds for 12 hours. The Hydrogen Peroxide will kill any pathogen found in the water and on the seeds as well. If you do not have plenty of seeds available, this is definitely a must do step in order to maximize all the chances you got.

Another advantage of applying this method is also to help in prevention of the damping off disease in Cannabis seedlings.

Marijuana Seed Germination: Paper Towel Method

Let me stop you right there, do not try the paper towel method to germinate Cannabis seeds because there is a risk that the paper will dry and at some point you will be curious to see if your seeds have germinated or not, and when you will try to separate the paper one from another, it is possible that the seed which germinated successfully to be ripped apart because of the seed itself being glued to a part of the paper, while the very fragile sprouted seedling to be glued to another side of the paper.

paper tower method problem

Normally this could be easily avoided if the dry paper towel would be watered once again before you would attempt to open it. Unfortunately there are plenty of stories where the grower realizes that he just destroyed his succesful germinated Marijuana seed, just 3 seconds ago.

Germinating Marijuana Seeds in Cotton Wool

The 2.0 version of paper is the method of germinating Marijuana seeds in cotton wool. The moisture added can be maintained for much longer than the paper method and does not come with the same problems on board.

Grab a clean bag or a dish, put some cotton wool on either of them, then place your seeds  inside the cotton wool as if you were making a sandwich. Sprinkle water on one side of the cotton wool and make sure it reaches all your seeds, then fold the other half over them.

Before starting this, you can soak your “beans” in a cup of filtered or distilled water for 12 to 24 hours to maximize your germination success rate, but we will get to this part a bit later.

cotton wool marijuana seed germination
Now if you don’t have cotton wool, you can still do this with a paper towel or even a piece of clean cloth; be careful however as to how clean the piece of cloth is so that it does not contain detergents from washing, that may damage the seed and result in an unsuccessful germination.

Just remember to maintain moisture and always moisture the towel before attempting to unfold it in order to see if you have obtained any succesful sprouts.

It is really a simple yet effective method as this is the fastest way to germinate Marijuana seeds. What it requires the most is your attention for the small details, and to not be careless when handling the seeds as they are very fragile, especially when sprouted.

How Long does it take for Seeds to Germinate in a Paper Towel?

Whether you are using a paper towel, a piece of clean cloth or cotton wool, the duration of this process can vary from seed to seed, but it usually takes a few days. Some Cannabis seeds may take even 10 days to germinate successfully, however if some of them have not sprouted successfully within this period, it is not likely that they will germinate anymore and they cannot be considered viable anymore.

Feel free to participate in a discussion below by leaving a comment describing your approach and experience towards germinating Marijuana seeds. We would love to hear them out!

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