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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder & Medical Marijuana

PTSD is a psychiatric illness that afflicts hundreds of war veterans and injury and crime victims who have experienced any violent injury. Sufferers experience suffering and frequently incapacitating depression, sleeplessness, stress, mood swings, exhaustion, and irritability along with other discomforts and persistent pain connected with their injury.

PTSD frequently involves frustration and inability to focus, which is irritated by sleep debt. Marijuana use improves the quality of rest through modulation of psychological reactivity. It eases the induced flashbacks and associated emotional responses, including nightmares. The value of restoring circadian rhythm of rest can not be overestimated in the direction of PTSD. Avoidance of alcohol is significant in large part due to the negative effects on sleep.

U.S. Military physicians often prescribe PTSD-afflicted veterans with anti-depressants, anti-convulsants, anti-psychotics, tranquilizers, and a number of additional drugs because cannabis is viewed as taboo. Several record that cannabis is more powerful than all their other medications. On the other hand, the Israeli military has suggested curiosity in testing THC to handle PTSD at the suggestion of groundbreaking cannabinoid research Dr. Raphael Mechoulam. He hypothesizes that THC may alleviate flashbacks of traumatic conflict situations by helping control undesirable memories. Pet studies by Giovanni Marsicano imply that the endocannabinoid system performs a part in reducing (and actually eliminating) aversive memories, fears, and some sorts of pain (Marsicano).

They should attempt to utilize low to reasonable dosages with as steady a blood degree as you can for depression signs and common stress if a person were to desire to obtain the most from utilizing healing marijuana to enhance a PTSD state. Stable blood levels are produced more by oral cannabis. Management of mouth cannabis before mattress should produce the most advantages for enhancing sleep patterns, because the most soporific effect will be produced by peak levels. If the objective would be to use marijuana to help annihilation of the reaction to PTSD triggers than little to reasonable dosages of cannabis vapors should be given soon before planned contact with the cause. Better results will be produced by a series of regular extinction sessions when compared to a single program. The dose must be decreased if marijuana seems to make aversion, anxiety, or aversive memories worse then. If emotions of concern do not enhance with lower dosage then stop use of as fear marijuana – extinction aide.

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