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The Ultimate Guide To Marijuana Brownies

Brownies made with marijuana are a popular stoner treat. Cooking them, on the other hand, can be intimidating, particularly if you’re new to the scene of cannabis baking.

It’s understandable why marijuana brownies are so common. They’re delicious. They’re simple to make, typically in just one pot, with minimal mess. They are simple to cook and consume. Not only that, but you can even freeze them and store them for later!

Marijuana Brownies: Dosing and Medicating

The majority of recipes for marijuana brownies call for a lot of butter. Similarly, substituting weed butter for normal butter in your favorite pot brownie is simple. Marijuana oil is also used in brownie recipes.

The difficulty comes with dosages since certain recipes utilize too much butter, making you end up with a crazy strong brownie.

Frozen Marijuana Brownies

Aside from how delicious brownies are, one of the best aspects about them is that they freeze incredibly well. This is especially useful for medicated brownies because you won’t really want to eat the whole batch immediately. Portion management can be greatly aided by freezing.

To freeze cannabis brownies, follow the recipe’s instructions for baking and assembling the brownies, then cool fully before cutting into individual parts. Wrap each part in plastic wrap, mark it clearly, and place it in the freezer. Later, you should take out what you like from the fridge, get it to the normal temperature, and eat it. You don’t necessarily have to unfreeze it if you’re impatient.

Recipe for Marijuana Brownies

What You’ll Need For The Oil Method

  1. Vegetable Oil (or any other except for olive oil)
  2. 2.5 grams of sativa or indica marijuana
  3. A strainer or sieve
  4. A blender or grinder
  5. Brownie mix
  6. Frying pan
  7. One wooden spoon


You will only need 1 ounce of mids or ½ ounce of dank to make an entire batch of brownies (1 box). Blend the weed in the blender multiple times until it is fully powdered.

Spread the pot powder onto a frying pan once it has turned in powder form. It’s a sensible move to adjust the frying pan diameter to the size of the burner to ensure that it cooks evenly, which is crucial when collecting THC. Then, put oil straight on the weed powder in the amount specified in the recipe.

Reduce the heat to medium (numbers 2-3) before the sauce begins to boil, then reduce the heat to the lowest temperature (labeled as low or simmer). Let the burner stay on for 2-6 hours, varying on the amount of time you can wait (typically 2 hours), while mixing the weed and oil mixture with a spoon every half an hour.

Once the pot is finished, strain the oil mixture via a sieve or filter to remove any remaining marijuana. You will be left with a sweetish brown oil that is free of grass, roots, and seeds. This has to be washed out so the THC has been absorbed into the oil and is no longer there.

Check the directions on the brownie package to bake the brownies with this oil. If you prefer baking brownies with butter instead of oil, keep reading for the recipe.

What You’ll Need For The Butter Method

  1. Butter
  2. 2.5 grams of sativa or indica marijuana
  3. A blender or grinder
  4. A strainer or sieve
  5. Brownie mix
  6. A large and small pot
  7. Wooden spoon


You will have to use two pans, one bigger and one small, for baking brownies with butter and for the extraction of THC. To burn evenly, the larger pan must be loaded with water and its size should be identical to the burner. Put some butter in the small pot and put it in the larger pot.

Reduce the heat to low and wait for the water to start boiling. Once this occurs, use your best judgment to find a suitable medium-low environment to achieve a near-simmer. The water stored in the larger pot will evenly heat the THC stored in the smaller one and will prevent any burning, which may cause the THC to be destroyed and render the brownies worthless.

Continue to keep the burner on for at least 2-3 hours. After that, strain the butter via a strainer to remove any buds, roots, or leftover pot bud that is no longer useful as the THC is still in the butter. Place the butter in the bottom of a big baking pan, and then add the brownie batter on top. Preheat the oven to 350°F and bake for an hour (slightly less or more).

Tips To Keep In Mind While Making Marijuana Brownies

  1. First and foremost, prevent the use of trimmings, mids, and regs at all mosts or else your brownies will taste awful.
  2. Dosing: If you have a poor resistance or none at all and do it effectively, you’ll actually just need 2 grams for 16 doses per pan or only one for a sweet high experience. You might consider this to be low. However, certain edibles are highly potent, and that if you’ve reached “extremely stoned,” you’re unlikely to go much further. If you have a good threshold, go up to 4 grams, and take a T break. However, in other cases, a gram for every bowl you smoke can get you high.
  3. It doesn’t matter whether you use butter or oil. Neither is really superior. Butter has a much superior flavor, but it still burns more quickly.
  4. The oil would take around 20 to 30 minutes to make with 2-4 grams of marijuana. We are unclear why everybody still says more than an hour; an ounce may take that much time. Keep stirring the oil throughout the cooking process! It usually has a flowery odor at first, but once that fades, it’s probably ready.
  5. The oil should be heated to the same temperature as the boiling temperature of the water. This is basically done at a medium to low temperature. If you’re not positive, place the oil-holding pot in a large pot to warm it up (double boiling).
  6. You’re doomed if you heat the oil higher than a smidgeon! This mostly happens at the upper-end range or where the oil isn’t kept going. The oil has to be similar to simmering but not yet so. If the heat is too much, the scent will change, and the cannabis particles will develop dark burn lines. If this is the case, lower the heat right away because your whole effort will be spoiled in a moment, and the brownies will taste odd.
  7. It’s bad form to not sieve out the marijuana, then rinse it with butter/oil and sieve it again. Use a fine-holed strainer. You should use half of the oil used for cooking the pot, and the rest is poured over it with a strainer and back into the pot to clean. Roots and leaves should not be present in your mix. Use a smaller pot because the oil tends to stick to the surface.
  8. For brownies similar to cakes in texture, always add some egg in the mix. This is beneficial in a variety of ways. It makes it simple to eliminate the batter from the container entirely. It makes blending a lot smoother. Without much effort, the batter uniformly fills the pan. Brownies can be cut much more smoothly, and it reduces the risk of overcooking or burning your brownies (which won’t get you so high).
  9. It’s not enough to blend the ingredients with a whisk. You need every last drop of the batter, but use a utensil that matches the contours of the container. Around a quarter of the batter can stick to the surface of the container when you add it.
  10. Don’t hesitate to brush the pan with nonstick spray. Doing this will make the brownies easily tear when you attempt to cut them. If you don’t have any spray, a cloth soaked in oil should be used to grease the plate. Bonus points if you use what’s sticking to the pot where you fried the butter/oil.
  11. Preheat the oven to 365 degrees Fahrenheit once you finish mixing. The temperature is normally 350°F, which will undoubtedly perform well, but 365°F is the precise temperature where you can make the most of THC. It only requires a minute or two less in situations like this. In an 11-14inc dish, it could take 31 minutes. Let the timer, dammit!
  12. Most importantly, don’t forget to store your brownies in a ziplock bag since they will probably go stale if you don’t store them somewhere safe. Also, make sure to place your brownies somewhere that is out of reach of your pets!

Top 3 Marijuana Strains for Brownies

White Widow

When you ask a marijuana lover their preferable strain, their answer will most likely be “White Widow.” But why is that? Because of its fantastic potency, rich taste, and wonderful indica-sativa balance, White Widow has taken its reputation, being among the most adored and iconic strains of the century. This renowned cannabis strain first gained popularity in the Netherlands, from which it quickly spread throughout the globe. You will never regret adding the White Widow strain to your Marijuana brownies, and it will also bring pleasure to smoke independently. This strain has a terpene profile which adds pine and earthy notes to whatever you add it in. A genetic makeup that is 50 percent Indica and 50 percent Sativa leads to a healthy high that is both mentally stimulating and physically relaxing. This ideal split ensures that any cannabis customer can have something to love. A 19 percent THC content guarantees a strong high that lasts a long time.

Nothing quite satisfying like using your own cultivated herb while creating cannabis brownies, plus White Widow is a really fulfilling strain to cultivate. Indoor-grown plants produce yields of 450–500g/m2 and grow as tall as 100cm. Plants growing in garden beds or pots outdoors produce 500–600g per plant and can reach a height of nearly two meters. White Widow likes a mild environment where it can fully grow its powerful buds during a 7–10 week bloom cycle.

Sherbet Queen

The strain Sherbet Queen stores a true delight and is a favorite of many weed consumers when it comes to producing strong brownies. This is unsurprising given that she is descended from the similarly delectable Girl Scout Cookies. Making brownies with the Sherbet Queen biscuit and earthy tastes to the mix, allowing for a really rich treat. Be ready for a long ride if you eat these brownies since the 85 percent indica superiority of this strain will send you to a euphoric and stoning state for several hours.

Sherbet Queen can be a delight to cultivate and takes relatively little care during its entire life cycle, from planting to harvesting. Her yields aren’t the best, despite how quick she is to control. Her consistency, on the other hand, compensates for her shortage of amount. You can grow the Sherbet Queen both outdoors and indoors, with outdoor ones preferring mild climates such as those found in the Mediterranean. During the last weeks of September or the first week of October, you will be able to harvest your outdoor Sherbet Queen plants.

Wedding Gelato

Wedding Cake x Gelato, Cherry Pie, and Girl Scout Cookies are all the parents of the strain – Wedding Gelato. It was produced with a fantastic taste in mind. This lady has a tonne of vanilla, earth, and sweet notes that will blow your mind. Wedding Gelato must be used care by newcomers to smoking, particularly in its form that is edible since the 25% THC levels may send even seasoned smokers into the troposphere. The strong high lasts longer and leaves the user feeling satisfied, comfortable, and euphoric.

This is a powerful strain that adapts well to a greenhouse, indoor, and outdoor environments, just like her illustrious parents have shown. Indoor plants will produce about 350g/m2+, whereas outdoor plants will easily produce up to 450g per plant. The flowering period for Wedding Gelato ranges, although it normally lasts about 8 weeks.

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