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How To Cure Marijuana: Drying Guide

The best marijuana results from the combination of superior genetics, careful growth, accurate pruning, appropriate trimming, and, lastly, a smooth curing process.

To achieve the highest standards for the freshly picked buds, one must cure them. Curing includes carefully drying the buds at a protective temperature, then storing them in glass jars for several weeks to allow natural plant processes to take place. The drying and curing procedure improves the scent of buds and increases the potency of the results. Also, it minimizes abrasion.

You also shouldn’t assume that perhaps the curing and drying procedures could be completed on tiptoes, as they involve care, patience, and deliveries that are about as delicate as the planting times.

After weeks of developing, caring for, as well as treating the marijuana plants, the season to harvest them is among the most anticipated and important parts of the system, as you eagerly anticipate testing those seeds which have already been changed into plants for which you have waited so long.

But this must not be handled just in any way, or at any moment. In order to gather the plants, you will have to do it with tremendous caution and have a lot of patience and care during the curing and drying of marijuana.

You should understand that it cannot be gathered without this important procedure. Marijuana drying and curing is a complicated procedure that may be time-consuming and stressful because of the desire to taste your plantation, and if you do it correctly and with patience, the end result will be much more flavorful buds of better quality with a more substantial effect.

The importance of this final stage cannot be overstated. A thorough curing procedure, while it’s time-consuming and tedious, is essential for producing a smoother, flavorful, and perhaps, more potent smoke session that only the best greens can deliver.

In this article, we will show you how to cure marijuana the right way. But before that, letโ€™s take a look at why the cannabis cure is so crucial in the first place.

Why Is It Necessary To Dry And Cure Marijuana?

Marijuana buds are cured because they’ll never acquire their maximum potency and flavor if they are not. If you began with exceptional genetics and cared for the marijuana plants appropriately throughout their lives, curing is also what separates bad quality buds from nice quality buds.

The fact is that buds from marijuana dispensaries and cannabis cups have indeed been skillfully dried and cured, and this is a huge part of the reason they appear to be so exceptional. The flawless, pleasurable experience of slowly cured buds frequently astounds those who have never encountered buds that were handled this way before.

For just as long as there has been civilization, humans have been curing food. Indeed, ancient peopleโ€™s capability to cure and preserve food for future meals may be the most crucial step in the development of civilized civilizations.

It’s no longer required to consume meals as it was gathered or obtained. Food preservation by various curing techniques allowed people to produce a plentiful harvest and keep it for the future rather than always being on the lookout for their next meal.

Whenever it relates to meats or preservatives such as salt, sweeteners, as well as nitrates, preservation is crucial. However, when it refers to marijuana, we rely solely on patience and perseverance.

Marijuana Cure

There are various important steps in the marijuana production and processing cycle, but the most important one is, by far, the curing stage. The treatment of the plant may be the only big difference between excellent marijuana and an average one.

There have been various methods and procedures for carrying out this process. The level of accuracy in all of these methods and processes affects the result. Below are some of the most prevalent techniques of marijuana harvest cure.

1.ย ย ย  The Water Cure Procedure Technique

The Water Cure Procedure Technique is a suitable alternative to curing because it cuts down on the considerable wait time that normal curing requires while also still eliminating undesired parts and cleaning the plant.

Soaking the buds into the water for just one week causes a hydrolyzing, purification-like process, in which the water dissolves undesired hydrophobic molecules such as salts, sugars, pesticides, and poisons absorb more quickly than letting the buds absorb such compounds naturally. This is a much more efficient way than letting the buds absorb those compounds alone.

2.ย ย ย  Sweat Cure Procedure Technique

The Sweat Cure Procedure Technique, also known as wet curing and high-humidity curing, entails placing the buds on a flat surface and turning them at regular intervals to achieve consistent drying. Sweat curing, such as fermenting, includes the activities of microbes on the leaves, resulting in a fast change in color.

This is not the most common method because it is time-consuming and generally unappealing, but it may be suited for buds that are too little to use other methods.

This procedure includes applying paper and absorbing substances to soak up the collected moisture, slowing the process, rolling the plant inside plastic bags, then opening them each week until the cure has been completed.

3.ย ย ย  Heat Dehydration Procedure Technique

This is among the most important procedures because, while it eliminates extra moisture from all the buds, the temperatures of the environment must always be continuously regulated to avoid disintegration or detrimental modifications of key components under critical situations. Microwave heating, oven drying, and dehumidifier drying are examples of such procedures.

Depending on how carefully this technique of curing is regulated, applying this kind of heat to the chemicals will surely change the plant’s structure. However, the depth to which this occurs will decide the extent of changes.

Lastly, curing as a marijuana processing phase is indeed the highest priority as well as a determining factor in numerous of the item’s attributes. Nevertheless, when picking which technique to use, one should keep in mind the environment in which it was collected and processed.

How Can You Easily Dry Moist Buds?

Split the buds, then hang them sideways to dry marijuana. You can also use ropes across ceilings or perhaps even ordinary clotheslines. Allow a gap between them so that they will not touch each other and cause mildew.

Make sure that the drying of marijuana buds starts mostly on the exterior, so even if they appear to be entirely dry on the exterior, they may still retain quite enough moisture inside. Allow them to dangle for another few days and keep an eye on them.

It’s really critical that you just do not rush the whole process and allow the marijuana to dry naturally. When you rush the drying process, you would just ruin the plantation along with all your previous days’ efforts, as the taste of the marijuana will suffer badly.

How To Make Marijuana Dry Faster?

To aid in the drying of marijuana, install a fan next to it to allow the wind to hit each bud; it will allow them to dry evenly. It is also important to turn around the buds each day so that they dry evenly.

How Long Does Marijuana Take To Dry

Allow 10 to 15 days for the buds to dry, never less than that. If you believe the drying process is completed in much less time, then the quality of the product has most probably deteriorated.

You can see how the buds become dry from the outside but don’t really disintegrate when pressed. Once you sense a crunch when you bend a bud in half, it’s best to change onto the marijuana curing step.

What Is The Best Way To Cure Marijuana In Glass Jars?

Each twig must be placed in a glass container. Make sure you do not let the sunlight in so that the inside of the glass jar isn’t saturated. You should keep inspecting your buds and open every one of the jars once a day for the first 1 or 2 weeks.

Once you’re assured the buds are in the curing zone for several weeks, you can reduce the frequency of opening the jar by doing it once a week or perhaps even more infrequently.

Final Thoughts

Growing your personal marijuana is indeed a process that can be a lot of fun, and if done right, the rewards and benefits you get in the end are well worth the time and work. You have months of work ahead of you, from the time you buy the seeds till the procedure of curing and drying the marijuana is completed, so patience is required.

To grow high-quality marijuana at home, you do not need to be an expert marijuana grower. However, aside from choosing the right strain and arranging the right growing conditions, one should remember that the best quality bud usually necessitates a little extra time and support.

Dedicating some time and effort to curing marijuana will properly reward you and deliver some fantastic outcomes. It is all about trusting the process. You trim the crops, dry your buds, cure them, and then it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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