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How To Deep Clean A Bong To Make It Good As New

Nothing compares to the experience of smoking pot from a new pipe or bong. It’s a thing to behold, your clear glass bong gleaming upon on side table in front of you. The initial hits are sharp, clean, and silky smooth. However, this clear artwork quickly degrades into such tear-stained shambles. We’re always guilty of forgetting about our smoking equipment every time. Utilizing your bong or pipe for several days in a row isn’t a big concern, but after a few weeks, things will start to get nasty.

If you use a water pipe on a daily basis, you’ll notice that your smoking equipment can rapidly become dirty. Unless you remove and deep-clean the pipe or bong on a daily basis, the water supply that you are using to filter the smoke may convert it into a wet grotto. Stoners must be cautious about disinfecting the bongs, pipes, or vape pens, or they will be forced to use a filthy item that will suffocate their relaxed vibes.

It’s simple to tell whenever a glass object needs to be cleaned. It’s a different issue with silicone and wooden components. Consumers of the latter can stay completely unaware until a lungful with tarred tobacco is inhaled.

In this article, we’ll go over why it’s so important to keep the smoking equipment gleaming and clean. We’ll next focus on the best way of cleaning them.

Why Do You Need To Clean Your Bong?

Cleaning the smoking equipment on a regular basis will indeed lead to improved tasting hits. You’ll definitely understand the effort it takes to develop high-quality cannabis if you produce your own. To cultivate a pleasant terpene profile, you’ll need both talent and patience. Don’t squander these delectable flavors by smoking from a dirty bong and pipe.

The development of tar or resins in a messy bong will hurt your throat as well as spoil the taste. Hygienic bongs produce soothing hits which are extremely enjoyable. Ultimately, smoking with cleaned equipment is a more pleasurable experience.

Bongs are also the largest glass pipes, and so, as a result, they could get dirty quickly. It’s critical that the air you breathe is purified via clean water. Bongwater, just as any other stagnant water body, can grow fungus, mold and fusarium, a reddish fungus that thrives in wet conditions.

How Often Should You Clean The Pipe/Bong?

The frequency with which you clean the smoking equipment should be determined by how often you are using it. If you’re smoking large bowls each day, tar, as well as resin, will quickly accumulate. It will take much longer for the residue to start building up if you use a bong or pipe once per week. Letting it unclean and unused, on the other hand, is also not hygienic.

It’s best if you clean your equipment on a regular basis. After each smoking session, give the pipe or bong a brief washing to remove any of the tar or resin. Whenever the accumulation becomes too much to bear, it’s necessary to clean your bong thoroughly.

How to Cleanup Your Pipe Or Bong

1.Β Β Β  Use The Salt And Alcohol Technique

With bongs or pipes, this strategy works best. It’s a hassle when used with short pipes, bongs, and bubblers. If possible, use a large amount of rubbing alcohol, such as 90%.Β  Fill the bong or pipe you want to clean halfway with alcohol but not completely for just a bong. Add equally to 2x the quantity of water you usually use. Stir or spin that liquid after adding the salt because the salt would help agitate the resins and scrape it away.

Each grain of salt is just like a miniature maid who will wipe the resin away if you move it around. If the rubbing alcohol comes into contact with your skin, even the tips of your fingers, it will smell, and you’ll get resin on you. It is suggested that you use gloves to prevent getting the hands dirty. To prevent accidents, use this technique over a basin or outside.

2.Β Β Β  Use The Dishwashing Detergent Technique

This is among the best ways because it really works! It takes roughly just a few hours to complete, so it’s not suitable for those in a rush. Simply pick a throwaway container large enough to hold the entire piece and dunk it in it. Also, use a lot of dishwashing detergent, or potentially more if the container is large. Fill the container halfway using water, next dip the piece in the detergent and put that in the container. Allow up to several hours for the detergents to take effect.

3.Β Β Β  Use The White Vinegar And Baking Soda Technique

Baking soda with white vinegar is one cleaning solution that can be used to cleanse the glass piece. Baking soda and white vinegar are both safe and natural chemicals that you can probably obtain at home. At the same time, the vinegar aids in the removal of resin and wax while also removing any odors, the baking soda functions as just a water softener.

When the two chemicals are combined, a harmless chemical reaction occurs, producing gas CO2 as well as a semi-abrasive mix which is ideal for bong cleaning.

Final Thoughts

It is necessary to keep the bong mold and residue-free throughout all times, ensuring that you would smoke securely with no damage done to you or the lungs. A hygienic bong is a clean bong, so it isn’t just about cleaning the water bong. It’s also about keeping your bong hygienic for a longer term.

Whenever a bong or pipe is cleaned, not only would the smell and taste be noticeably different, but perhaps the overall appearance of the glass bong or pipe would be stunning. Make sure to clean the water pipe on a daily basis to make sure it always looks as good as new! The above article mentions all the information you need to clean your pipe or bong easily.

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