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How To Choose Your Cannabis Seeds

It’s not easy to choose the best weed seeds to cultivate. There are several seeds with various characteristics one can choose from. Most are light in color, while others are dark; some crumble under strain, while others are strong. You want to make sure the seed you choose is healthy and vigorous.

You must conduct thorough research before purchasing seeds from your homegrown cannabis firm. So, when it comes to marijuana seeds, what do you look for?

This article outlines the various factors to consider before purchasing cannabis seeds.

Important Factors To Consider Before Buying Cannabis Seeds

1.    Gender of the Plant

Though it may seem to be a minor point to consider, it is critical. Female plants are the only ones that produce pot buds that can be smoked. If you want to produce smoked weeds, you should choose female or feminized seeds.

Cannabis male gender producing plenty of seeds
Cannabis male gender producing plenty of seeds

Standard or male seeds, on the other hand, might be a good fit for you if you want to build your own species or cultivate plants for your own use. As a result, before purchasing pot seeds, make sure you understand why you’re doing so.

2.    Appearance of the Seed

Examining the appearance of marijuana seeds is an ideal way to determine their quality. Some characteristics are obvious, whilst others can require some time to note. The exterior shell of genetically better seeds is normally grey or black. A wax covering will often occur on the surface of healthy seeds. After exposing the seed to bright light, you can quickly spot the coating. Seeds with a sheen on them are of high quality.

When you touch a higher-quality crop, it feels solid. It’s worth planting if the seed does not split or bend when squeezed between the index and thumb. However, if it crumbles, the quality is poor. Seeds of poor quality are both white and green in color. Such seeds may or may not germinate, even if they do, they may take longer to mature. You’ll get higher yields if you get fresh seeds that are at the right age.

3.    Ability to float

If you’re not positive whether the seeds you want to plant are of good quality after looking at them, you should do a floating test on them. The test is simple to perform and has two possible outcomes.

Fill a container halfway with water and sprinkle your seeds on top. Seeds that don’t sink yet float are of poor quality and should be discarded. Seeds that sink to the floor, on the other hand, are good and can be cultivated.

You must be careful while doing this test. The results aren’t immediate, and it might take up to two hours for them to take effect. A sufficient amount of time is needed for good seeds to accumulate water and fall. Keep yourself occupied as you wait for the results to avoid boredom. This test can only be done if you want to plant the seeds right after the experiment. The healthy seeds would have fallen to the jar’s bottom, indicating that they’re ready to germinate. There are more signs which should be considered if you want to know how to successfully germinate Cannabis seeds.

4.    Flowering Duration

Though seeds do not indicate when they will bloom, their flowering times can be found on the package. Before you take the seeds off the shelf, examine the box and see when they’re going to bloom. Seeds that bloom quickly are preferred by the majority of growers. Harvesting seeds for strains like Northern Lights and Swiss Cheese can take around 49 to 56 days. A shorter flowering cycle allows you to spend less time fighting plant pathogens, bugs, and mold.

5.    Difficulty of Growth

One of the most important considerations for growers is the complexity of different cannabis strains in terms of growth. If you’re a novice, you can choose a strain that’s simple to breed. However, if you have enough experience, you can grow every kind.

Marijuana plants aren’t always similar. Some varieties are susceptible to fungi, while others have strong mold tolerance and can withstand accidents like overwatering. Selecting a breed with a high degree of resistance will make your job simpler.

6.    Size of Potential Harvest

You can get a successful harvest or poor yields after growing cannabis. However, before purchasing seeds, think about how many you’ll be able to reap. At the end of the day, you’ll be planting your seeds with the expectation of receiving something in return.

It’s not a promise that you’ll get a big harvest because a lot of things can go wrong. The plant’s nutrition, breeding method, soil values, temperature, and diseases are all possible influences. Against all odds, though, certain strains will yield a big harvest. The Sexxpot variety, which can produce up to 1000 grams per square meter, and the Super Silver Haze variety, which can produce up to 800 grams per square meter, are two examples. You should be confident that if you pick those strains, you’ll get a decent harvest.

7.    Height of the Plant

Whether you grow marijuana indoors or outdoors is determined by the plant’s possible height. All marijuana plants may be limited in height, but certain strains grow extremely tall. If you’re growing indoors, look for a seed that yields a plant that grows to a maximum height of 1.20 inches. If you’re growing plants outside, though, you should choose species that exceed their full height.

The height of the plant is determined by whether the seed is Sativa or Indica. Indica strains have a tendency to stay low and grow mostly in width. Sativa plants, on the other side, are noted for their tall and slender stature. As a result, the location where you choose to plant your seeds can influence the strain you want.


With so many different types of seeds on the market, it’s important to know what to look for when deciding which strain to grow. If you’re new to gardening, picking a variety that’s simple to grow and maintain is a good choice. If you’re a professional, though, you should experiment with various strains and see what results you get. Based on what you choose to do with the seeds, you can even consider the gender of the seeds you’re using. Standard seeds may be used for medicinal reasons, whereas feminized seeds are great for smoking.

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