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Order Cannabis Seeds With Stealth Delivery via Bitcoin, PayPal and More

If there is one company that specializes in both quality of product (cannabis seeds) and stealth delivery, then by far that is Sensible Seeds as the amount of positive reviews are all over the internet. They have been doing their work since many years now, and with this experience you can be sure that your package will quickly arrive discreetly at your door, without having to worry if it’s safe or not.

Many of you are worried about whether your Cannabis seeds will sprout or if your order will arrive without being detected by unwanted guests, therefore we here at THC 420 have decided to remove our top 10 list for buying Cannabis seeds and present only the number 1 site with which you can’t go wrong. Your parcel or letter will look like any other parcel/letter, with both the options of using tracked mail or untracked mail.

For the first option, you will be given a tracking number and you will have to sign for your parcel. If you would like to not sign for it and simply have it delivered into your mail box, even if you are at home or not, then go with the second option for no tracking, and your Marijuana seeds will arrive safely without having to sign for them.

Buy Cannabis Seeds Stealth Discreet

The contents of your package (letter for small orders) will not be revealed, nobody can figure what is inside your parcel on which there will be your name along a delivery address and a return address which won’t be connected to this company in any way, for even more discretion. They are also open to suggestions in case you have an idea about how you would like for your Cannabis seeds to be delivered.

You can see on the check out page on the site about super stealth options, such as putting your Marijuana seeds into a t-shirt, craft bead set and so on, and insurance is also an option that will protect you from a financial loss.

Buy Cannabis Seeds with Bitcoin

order cannabis seeds bitcoin

You can read all the details about the payment options for your seeds on their site, and as you can see in this picture, you can use pay with Bitcoin to purchase online your Marijuana seeds straight to your address.

cannabis seeds cheap

The portofolio of cannabis strains for seeds is really huge, and as far as germination you can find autoflowering seeds, feminized cannabis seeds, regular ones and auto seeds as well. Each marijuana strain in there comes with extra details about its effects and its growth (technical details) and the search function is impressive. Besides all of these, you can also find CBD oils and creams, bongs, vaporizers, pipes, ashtrays, grinders and many more.

Visit their website right now, you can’t go wrong with world’s number #1 seed bank: