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Stress Relief With The Marijuana Strain Called Lemon OG Kush

Usually, when folks talk about choosing traces for fun smoking, they often go for the high, the dankest kush, the most punch – you – in – the – face Indica. Unfortunately, along the way, they’re entirely ignoring what makes an excellent stress, really fantastic. An excellent form to me doesn’t imply which one strikes you the toughest, but what gives the required impact to you using the least number of medication required. Orange OG is a form in the latter class.

Strain Name: Lemon Kush

Genetics: Master Kush x Lemon Joy

Grade: A/A+

Type: Indica

Smell: Dank and strong, skunky.

The Lemon OG Kush strain with not too thick but not fluffy pals, this little beauty won’t fail you when your achieving for a smoke in the day. It isn’t strong enough an OG to couch lock you forever, but it is undoubtedly your muscles that are allowed by a quick slip – to – sleep strain to unwind without an overwhelming feeling of rock. Light green sprouts with off orange hairs and a mild whisp of a fresh fruit odor, it’s a simple alternative at the medication counter to draw that one off the ledge and say thanks. As the results basically do not continue long enough to be as additional stresses as powerful on the market I recommend this tension for any variety of anxiety alleviation and additionally a small light sleeplessness, but wouldn’t recommend it for soreness relief market.

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