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Smoking Marijuana Is Less Harmful For Lungs Than Smoking Ciggarets

A new research shows that smoking medical marijuana in moderation does not damage—and can even enhance—lung function. Researches exposed that smoking low quantities of grass (2-3 times a month) improved lung function while moderate smoking (1 time per week) didn’t seem to do any harm.

Researchers followed 5,000 men and women, aged 18 to 30, from four U.S. towns, for twenty years, before visiting these fascinating conclusions.

Obviously, several medical marijuana smokers have turned to vaporizers, which are even less dangerous on lungs than normal smoking of bongs, pipes and joints.

The improved lung function was attributed by a scientist from the study in low – level consumers to the conditioning of the lung muscles while inhaling.

“People who smoke cannabis inhale really seriously, that might reinforce the muscles utilized for breathing — essentially creating them great at the evaluation,” described Doctor. Mark T. Pletcher of the College of California, San Francisco. “So despite the fact that it is an extremely statistically significant effect, it possibly doesn’t have any physiologic significance in terms of perform.”

The research did discover that cannabis customers who smoke everyday did experience decreased pulmonary functions, creating approaches like vaporizing or having edibles recommended for daily marijuana is required by patients who to offset such health problems as glaucoma, sleeplessness and multiple sclerosis to identify a few.

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