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In 11 Days a Painter Tries 18 Different Drugs – See The Paintings

Bryan Lewis Saunders was born in Washington, DC in 1969 and is known as an artist in the field of the ‘Stand -up Tragedy’ (the opposite of Stand-up Comedy). Since 16 years, this guy is painting a self-portrait in every single day, which made him stand out of the crowd. One day, he came up with some strange, maybe ‘genious’ for some, but not so healthy, idea. He planned to try 18 different drugs during 11 days, in every one of them. He also admitted that at one point he felt like he was damaging his own brain, but he managed to finished all his portraits under the influence of the drugs that will be mentioned bellow any picture/painting you will see.

Although he used to experiment several drugs in the past, Bryan the painter, is not party animal or anything like that. However he states that Marijuana was and still is his favorite out of all that he used.

You can see his self portraits made in 11 days under the influence of 18 drugs, bellow:

xanax painting
Xanax 2mg


absynth painting


cocaine painting


nicotine painting
Nicotine Gum


butane honey oil
Butane Honey Oil


marijuana painting
G13 Marijuana


salvia divinorum painting
Salvia Divinorum


crystal meth painting
Crystal Meth


cannabis painting


hash painting


klonopin painting


Dilaudid Morphine panting
Morphine + Dilaudid


It’s a crazy world we live in.. Remember, all of these are supposed to be self-portraits, made under the influence of drugs. No need to try this at home, someone else already did it for you.

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