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Harvesting Cannabis Myth

One question I’ve been requested frequently by medical cannabis farmers is when to crop in terms of the light period. If farming throughout the mild cycle versus the darkish cycle makes any variation in the strength of the cannabinoids several farmers need to understand. There has been many views on this also and issue many perpetuated myths. I determined to test with cropping at various intervals during the light period if there is a noticeable (quantifiable) variation in cannabinoid strength. to determine.

I determined to pick three similar plants, all developed within the same space, at various times during the room’s light cycle. Before the light period happened the initial grow was picked right. After the light period completed the 2nd was picked right. The last place was transferred to a totally dark, heat and humidity controlled space where it seated for 48 hrs and was then picked.

There is no apparent distinction in cannabinoid strength. We analyzed three examples from each grow and averaged the outcomes of each plant to evaluate to one another. The effects were almost indistinguishable. There is no distinction in strength in regards to the period where the crops were picked. A few patients were also provided by us with blind trials to determine if any differences weren’ticed by them within the trials, because devices aren’t always exact. No variations were noted.

It is accurate that resin manufacturing on the medical cannabis plant peaks through the dark period. Due to this reality, there’s been a fantasy perpetuated that marijuana harvested right before the mild period starts — or cannabis given 24-72 hrs of dark before cropping — may create a greater strength medication than medical cannabis harvested through the light period. The difficulty with this concept is that the common medical cannabis grow has a blossoming period of approximately 50-60 times. An extra evening or two is fairly trivial, once the period of the period is taken into account. The resins and essential oils are not created immediately but rather are continuously developed within the whole flowering process. When evaluating strength of the ultimate product the quantity of cannabinoids degraded in one mild period is entirely insignificant.

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