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Feminized Cannabis Seeds – Pros & Cons

Odds are you have at least noticed of feminized seeds, unless you are new to the area of medical cannabis. These cannabis seeds are most prone to create female offspring; with some seed companies claiming 90-100% female plants. However, many growers avoid feminized seeds because of the issues regarding the chance of hermaphrodites and the equilibrium of their marijuana plants. There are several reputable breeders making use of more advanced methods to create secure feminized seeds, although high hermaphrodite offspring ratios can be created by some methods used by less reputable breeders.

Feminized seeds are the consequence of the feminine plant being pollenated with pollen produced by another female plant. Female medical cannabis crops, like other dioecious crops, may mutate (hermaphrodite) to produce their own pollen in particular settings where there’s a reduced number of man pollen available. In if the feminine can’t be fertilized herself most cases this occurs. Breeders found when a pollen-producing female plant pollenates another female plant the children are nearly completely female plants. This finding has resulted in several different techniques of making feminized seeds.

Watch Out For The Cannabis Hermaphrodites

Less reliable seed companies choose female plants having a inclination for hermaphrodites and rely on them to pollenate other female traces to produce feminized seeds. Stability issues are produced by this method, even though the children may be largely female. One other parent (the pollen producing female) is a characteristic into its children. infuse that hermaphrodite by character and may, even when the female receiver of the pollen is 100% female, with no hermaphrodite inclinations. Hermaphrodite can be produced by feminized seeds produced by this method, and will, hermaphrodite

The breeders that produce quality feminized seeds use an alternative approach. Rather than as the pollen producer choosing a hermaphrodite, they choose a 100% feminine with desired characteristics and use cure of hormones or safe compounds to create ample male flowers. These “man-made hermaphrodites” pollenate other female plants creating feminized offspring. The variation in this procedure is equilibrium. The clone that is handled with the substance or hormone still moves its secure genetics onto the children which outcomes in feminized seeds with small or no hermaphroditic tendencies.

One essential problem ought to be tackled when talking about feminized seeds. Their own offspring is produced by the plants produced by these seeds cannot. They’re entirely infertile. When so as to strain their own genetics they’re seeking to buy strains Feminized seeds should be avoided by growers. For most medical cannabis farmers a garden where children are manufactured via cloning is the preferred approach so infertile seeds is of small problem.

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