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10 Myths About Marijuana BUSTED!

Millions of Americans are starting to comprehend the lies they have been informed about pot, as bud immediately becomes increasingly more socially appropriate. Here are the five greatest myths about weed that have avoided any sort of legalization movement from getting on the roll.

1. Marijuana Causes Cancer

Several have stated that smoking cigarettes and smoking pot is the same and, hence; bud should cause cancer, too. Not only have numerous independent studies disproved this, but some have really discovered that the Cannabis plant when being smoked alone decreased tumor development by around 50%. (Sorry, but cigg smokes will still destroy you.)

2. Marijuana Is Addictive

While continuous use indicates to make indications of addiction, bud doesn’t really include a “nicotine-like” substance that can make it addicting. (This is comparable to being “hooked” to pop.) There particularly in comparison with the withdrawal effects of drugs like crack or heroin – – or actually an alcohol – induced hangover, are small to no withdrawal symptoms.

3. Marijuana Is a Gateway Drug

Simply put, several studies have unequivocally disproved the notion that using marijuana leads to use of harder drugs. Cannabis has really successfully been utilized to decrease hard drug users’ dependence on medications. Therefore, in fact, it’s the precise reverse of the gateway drug.

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4. Marijuana Causes Brain Damage

Yet another myth where the precise reverse factor holds true: Not just have examined disproved the notion that cannabis problems your mind, they have discovered that it really safeguards your mind in the harm that heavy drinking may cause.

5. Marijuana Has No Medical Uses

Its marijuana policy have been often defended by the government by stating their own studies that state that marijuana doesn’t have any healing results. Not the case. Apart from the uses outlined above, bud have been shown to have favorable effects on individuals struggling from headaches, glaucoma, AIDS, Several Sclerosis, epilepsy, gut problems, and a large number of additional health issues.

And, lately, actually the American Medical Association required the authorities to get rid of its prohibitive Program one standing.

6. Marijuana Causes Lung Disease

It’s often stated that cannabis smoke contains such large levels of toxins that marijuana customers’ danger of developing lung illness is equivalent to or more than that of cigarettes customers. Aside from their psychoactive ingredients, cannabis and cigarettes smoke are almost similar. 21 Because most marijuana smokers inhale more deeply and hold the smoke inside their bronchi, more harmful substance could be had per cigarette. Nevertheless, it’s the complete quantity of stimulant inhalation—not the quantity in each smoke—that matters.

7.  Marijuana Harms Sexual Maturation And Reproduction

Cannabis has been believed to conflict with the manufacturing of hormones connected with reproduction, causing potential infertility among adult customers and postponed sexual development among teenagers. There’s no proof that cannabis affects male reproductive function. The Jamaican and Costa Rican area studies discovered no variations in non – users and hormone amounts between weed consumers. Apart from one circumstance report of the 16-year old pot smoker who had failed to advance to adolescence, 42 there is nothing to show that this type of possibility exists. In whatever additional methods marijuana might be considered by one to be harmful to adolescents; their sexual development doesn’t be retarded by it.

8.  Marijuana Is an Addictive Drug

Information collected by the Drug Abuse Warning System (DAWN) demonstrate a current upsurge in “bud mentions” by individuals seeking treatment in hospital emergency rooms. making use of a one-page form, emergency-room staff record “drug abuse symptoms,” note the existence or lack of alcohol being a contributing element, and checklist as much as four additional medicines lately had by the individual.

Despite bud being probably the most commonly used illicit medication, in emergency areas, it stays minimal frequently mentioned illicit medication.

For youth aged six to 17, there have been more mentions of marijuana than of cocaine and heroin – – – not because marijuana is more dangerous to them but because these latter medicines are used so rarely by teenagers. Within this age group, describes of over-the-counter pain medicines were appreciably greater than these for cannabis. While cannabis accounted for 6.48% of medication mentions by youth, over-the-counter discomfort medicines accounted for

47%. Despite current raises in marijuana mentions, hospital emergency areas aren’t overloaded with marijuana users seeking health-related interest. In 1992, of 433,493 complete drug mentions, just 4,464—about 1%—included the use of grass alone.

Dependence, I believe not.

9.  Marijuana Produces Amotivational Syndrome

A big amount of large scale researche of students have typically found no distinction in grade-point averages between cannabis consumers and non-users. 69 One research found lower levels among students documented to be daily users of cannabis, but the writers didn’t determine a causal connection and figured both phenomena were part of a complicated of inter-related social and mental difficulties.

In a single longitudinal study of university students, after controlling for additional variables, cannabis consumers were identified to be just as likely to effectively complete their educations and to have higher levels than non – users. Yet another study found that cannabis consumers in school obtained greater than non-users on standard “achievement values” scales.

Area studies performed in Jamaica, Costa Rica and Portugal also found no signs of an amotivational syndrome marijuana-using populations. In these trials of working – class men, the work and educational records of cannabis consumers were, typically, comparable to those of non – users. Actually, in Jamaica, bud was usually smoked during operating hours as an aid to efficiency.

10. Marijuana is way more Deadly Than Tobacco

As does an equal quantity of cigarettes smoked that contains about the same amount of cancer agents. I tought to explain that the heavy tobacco smoker uses much more tobacco than a heavy cannabis smoker consumes cannabis. It could be more affordable to have weed foods and beverages, that are entirely non – carcinogenic, if pot were lawful. That is in marked comparison with “smokeless” tobacco products like snuff which could cause cancer of the mouth and neck.

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