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How and where to we buy Cannabis seeds online, all of us have the same question wondering about the prices, the quality and most importantly, how discreet is the whole process. Well, bellow you have 2 sources, legit sites that are specialized in delivering top notch Marijuana seeds, discreet and to various countries around the world. Be sure to see which one suits your needs the most, and make your choice.Out of dozens of sites, we took care to verify their products quality first, how much it took for them to deliver the Cannabis seeds and how safe was the entire process, and also selecting them out of a huge list, based on real testimonials found around the internet (forums, personal blogs etc). In no particular order, these are the top 2 best sources regarding safety, quality and price to order Marijuana seeds online

Demon Seeds

This Marijuana seed bank provides the best cannabis seeds available, like literally those kinds of seeds that produces the weed that you only seed it either in Hip Hop music videos, movies, or in Amsterdam. Among famous strains that you will see in there (recognize in case you are familiar), Demon Seeds has a wonderful system called “pick ‘n mix”, for those that wants to buy different pieces of Marijuana strain seeds, in the same order. In other words, when you buy from other sites, you have to buy hundreds of dollars/euro if you want more strains, because you need to buy the whole packs, while on Demon Seeds, you can order 4 seeds, each different from the other, all in the same order; preices are made for a single seed, and this is called “pick ‘n mix”.

Demon Seeds Testimonials

demonseed testimonials

demon seed testimonials

demonseed marijuana testimonials


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Demon Seeds can deliver weed seeds WorldWide (including Australia) in countries where is not illegal to ship Cannabis Seeds. Although Marijuana seeds doesn’t contain the compound called THC which makes it illegal, it would be the best to check the local laws or contacting the customer support of the site, before placing an order, or just read on the site for the available locations.

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 Nirvana Shop

Nirvana Shop is reliable source of buying Marijuana seeds since over 10 years, but marketing and breeding cannabis strains since 20 years ago. Their website is secured by third-party experts, and they never leak your information to nobody for what-so-ever reason, and if you choose to order with you Credit Card for example, you can be sure that they DO NO store any of your information. They specialize in stealth shipments, being very discreet about the envelop with seeds that will arrive straight in your mail box, without any signature required.

Not only that for their high quality Cannabis seeds the prices are the best out there, they also do have a points system, which will allow you to to take advantage of popular deals, special offers and so on. In other words, when you purchase, with those points, if enough, you will be able to pay for the entire future order with them.

The first seedbank that literally gave importance to their customers, has the best dedicated support team that can guarantee your full customer satisfaction, about any questions or problems you might have, without leaving you wait for x days for a reply, like it happens on other seedbank sites.

Nirvana Shop Testimonials

weed seeds testimonials

Also, in case you aren’t that good with the English language, don’t worry, you can change the language of the whole site into one of the following languages:

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On top of that, you can subscribe to their newsletter and keep in touch with their latest promotional offers as well as well as enough growth solutions to get the best out of your seeds.

Nirvana Auto Flowering Marijuana Seeds

With more than 30 strains of high quality Cannabis seeds, Nirvana Shop is a very good choice to start from, even if you never ordered Marijuana seeds before.